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  •  Every child has a right to love, and be loved and to grow up in an atmosphere of love, affection and of moral and material security. This is possible only if the Child is brought up in a family.

  • Adoption & Foster Care [previous work]

  • SEVAK Trust a non-profit, non-government organization, was registered on June 28, 1988 under the Indian Trusts' Act of 1882. The name Vathsalya means mother's love in sanskrit. We believed homeless children have a right to experience this love either at the childcare facility or in the foster homes even before they are placed in adoption. Vathsalya started with the mission to place homeless children with families through adoption. Vathsalya was one of the NGO’s who pioneered the family foster care system. This helped us to provide quality care to the children with special needs who had to be taken care of at the center.
  • Migrant Families and Community Development [transition to current work]

  •   In recent years Vathsalya have made a strategic move from adoptions and foster care to family preservation and strengthening for migrant communities. Through our community based rehabilitation program, we reach out to parents struggling to cope with the difficulties of life. In response Vathslaya focuses on three programs, education: transitional and flexible schooling for migrant children as well as vocational tuition; training: regular engagement with families and communities in life-skills training such as nutrition and sanitization and; educational sponsorship: whereby families who cannot afford decent education are sponsored in sending their children to an accredited schooling institution. All program functions rely solely on donations.
      In addition when children are at risk of being separated from their families because of problems arising out of unemployment, vices, marital disputes, sickness or death in the family, Vathsalya intervenes and works the family providing counselling services and psychological and financial support. This is a long-term program requiring regular assessments and the Board of Trustees is committed morally to the efficient functioning of the Trust and also to improve its efficiency on a continual basis. The Board has approved the current vision and mission statement.